Bellator Smokeshow Valerie Loureda

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Jesus X

Charlize Theron is my favorite African-American.
Sep 7, 2015
She's also fighting on the main card against a 1-2 ammy who hasn't had a fight since 2015. Before the athletic commission denied it they tried to book Valerie against an 0-12 ammy.

Bellator has zero shame when it comes to promoting "marketable" female fighters.
reminds me of this hilarious mismatch except seniesa is pretty much verified as good after fighting marlen esparza.



Dec 15, 2018
lol bellator out here having propects beat up hooters waitresses.

The funniest thing about it is eventhough Valerie is a smokeshow and this Hooters girl is too, when Valerie beat her and just about every single time she wins, she celebrates as if she just knocked out the GOAT B.J. Penn...



Active Member
Dec 28, 2018
she playing the game, her looks get her opp and buys her time to hopefully develop as a fighter, its not as if she is unaccomplished as a martial artist

i dont have a prob w/it i have a prob w/women challenging her instead of asking for the best opp; basically they are looking for a short cut thats not what real fighters do...thats what they tell her, she isnt a real fighter cus she is taking shortcuts any name or establish fighter calling her out is doing the same