Bellator Vs. UFC: The Ratings War!

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Has Bellator finally overtaken the UFC?

  • Yes - they give the fighters/fans what they want!

  • No - UFC will always be the top dawg!

  • Don’t care, as long as I can stream this shit I’m good Son!

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Underneath Denver International Airport
Jun 19, 2016
It’s rare these two mega MMA organizations go head to head for the fans attention but tonight we saw Bellator And UFC square off..

IMO this date will have relevance, Bellator may not beat the UFC in the ratings War but the overall card tonight produced the most explosive HL’s where as the UFC card we watched our old legends take beatings.

Going forward as a fan Bellator has overtaken the UFC for quality matchups / entertainment.

UFC has sold out and the ESPN+ the ultimate sellout will turn into their ultimate demise ...where as Bellator will continue to grow.

Agree or disagree?

Discuss and vote!


Pulse On The Finger Of The Community
First 100
Jan 16, 2015
Mainstream, they need street warriors and incentives for attention.
For us, they're the half-pride of our generation.


I like chicken
Jul 4, 2015
I like all the options! This is as fair as a government poll. I would have liked the option to simply answer no. They are not close to the UFC yet. But I hope they are soon.


Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
First 100
Jan 17, 2015
I just love how Lima took him out. He kicked his leg out knowing he'd drop and was looking for the opening and BLAM!

The Kurgan

Jan 30, 2015
Fucking great KO, MVP is an annoying cocky arsehole. Was great seing him get KO'd and if seemed to humble him as well.

Almost makes me want to forgive him for the fact that 3 members of his family, including himself, were investigated over paedophilia, with his father being convicted.

I hope he get KO'd in every fight he has the cunt, fuck him.