BJ Penn: Gonna get back to the top, gonna get the belt back

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Oct 20, 2015
My friend that hardly watches mma texted me earlier and said BJ needs to retire. I think it’s time...

Then he called him an old dickbag and then I loled.


Assman Extraordinaire
Dec 12, 2017
Hilarious as it is to see Conor checking Danis, I think Conor needs to talk with a doctor. You don't need to have an official KO to be concussed or to be ready to pack it in. Sad portents for his future if he believes that. It means once he blows his cash, he'll be trying to get a comeback at 40.
Yeah, if I had to choose between receiving one concussive KO or 500 micro-concussive shots to the head, I think I'd go with the former.