BJB Breakdown: Black Lightning Edition - Profiling Thunder (Fight style & strategy breakdown)

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Dec 28, 2018

After 56 episodes on the CW network, the Black Lightning series reaches its series finale this week. And although we may yet see these characters again in the spinoff series for Painkiller (who was the focal point of the first Black Lightning breakdown), it’s important to note the end of the Pierce Family saga at the heart of the show. This was a story about intergenerational superheroics, and thus, for as much as the series was about Jefferson Pierce, aka Black Lightning, his two daughters -- Anissa and Jennifer -- and their respective heroic journeys were just as important. But while younger daughter Jennifer embodied her father’s electrical abilities as Lightning, the eldest daughter Anissa -- aka Thunder -- embodied her father’s skills as a hand-to-hand combatant. And as such, she deserves a breakdown -- one that examines the style, strategy, and techniques of her approach to fighting: