General Bloomberg to spend $100 million or more on Biden campaign in Florida

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First 100
First 100
Jan 18, 2015
Michael Bloomberg will spend at least $100M to help Joe Biden win Donald Trump's adopted home state of Florida
  • Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is committing at least $100 million to Joe Biden's campaign to help the Democrat win Florida
  • Bloomberg is a former 2020 rival of Biden's, but after poor results in the Super Tuesday primaries quickly backed the former vice president
  • Bloomberg's new spending is intended to boost Biden before the start of early voting in Florida, which begins on September 24
A victory for Biden in Florida, the largest of the perennial battleground states, would significantly complicate Trump's path to reaching the 270 Electoral College votes needed to secure a second term.

Trump responded:

’I thought Mini Mike was through with Democrat politics after spending almost 2 Billion Dollars, and then giving the worst and most inept Debate Performance in the history of Presidential Politics,' Trump wrote. 'Pocahontas ended his political career on first question, OVER! Save NYC instead.'

Robbie Hart

I apparently look like a Jewish accountant
Feb 13, 2015
How can anyone back a senile, slurring person for president?
Dems be dumb


Remember the 5th of November
Oct 21, 2015
100 million could help lots of families but instead its going to be spent on tv commercials no one watches anymore

Jesus X

Sep 7, 2015
lol biden campaign is going terrible I think trump is going to secure the latino vote too along with the BLEXIT vote.

im guessing bloomberg is laundering money or avoiding taxes somehow with this 100 million.