Brendan Schaub accused of being racist

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Nov 21, 2015
Crooklyn is no more a journalist now than she was in the 00's with her corny ass posts and cringy videos. Funny thing is when she started she tried to use sex appeal and being one of the boys as an angle. She had some pretty crass posts that are probably deleted. She used to regularly crack gay jokes. I know she lurks here so I'll keep it simple for you, fuck you and your hypocrisy. Stupid bitch started rumors about someone else being racist without knowing he was married to a very beautiful black woman. Stand on your own or get out the fucking way when that's not enough. So, get out the way bitch.

Jesus X

loved BBW, died doing what he loved.
Sep 7, 2015
Callen got accused by some women of sexual allegations, I believe from many many years ago

Schaub was quick to separate to protect his earnings and jobs
it was from 20 years ago he got metoo'd and cancel cultured at the same time.