Bubba Jenkins: ‘Trickery’ and ‘weirdness’ led to Bellator MMA departure

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    In August, Jenkins fought Georgi Karakhanyan for the second time in a fight that could’ve skyrocketed him through the Bellator MMA featherweight rankings. Jenkins lost to Karakhanyan two years ago, but in a way it was a risky rematch for him, as he was riding a three-fight winning streak at the time and his opponent was on a two-fight skid. That played out to be true, as the featherweight fighter was knocked out in the first round. His hot streak…

    Bubba Jenkins: ‘Trickery’ led to Bellator departure
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    I feel like his two valid grevences are the 20% he hasn't gotten, and. It being offered fights.

    I feel like he is just reaching with the rest.. I hope Bellator really isn't pulling no grimy shit because I enjoy their product for the most part. Not allowing enough fights is a valid complaint as well. Him being mad about empty promises and shit like that doesn't make sense to me. You should always put everything in contract.

    I want to hear what Coker and Bellator have to say. I hope Jenkins lands on his feet
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    LOL anyone fired has a side of the story that benefits them only... FIRED!

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