Buckley describes viral knockout as ‘Wakanda Style’

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Dec 31, 2014
UFC Fight Night: Kasanganay v Buckley

Joaquin Buckley turned in a never-before-seen type of performance against Impa Kasanganay at UFC Fight Island 5, and now we know how to properly describe it.

The first round of the fight between Buckley and Kasanganay was a barnburner in every sense of the word as both men traded some hellacious strikes. Buckley did get the better of Kasanganay though, as he came close to potentially finishing the fight early in the first after a blitz up against the cage that tagged his opponent several times.

The fight made it to the second round and Buckley picked up right where he left off. Towards the middle of the round, Buckley threw a body kick that was caught by Kasanganay. With his leg still being held by Kasanganay, Buckley quickly whipped around and delivered a head kick that put Kasanganay out cold before he hit the canvas.

The knockout went viral and amassed millions of views on social media in a few short hours, breaking a previous record held by former two-division champion Conor McGregor. Buckley spoke to the media assembled on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, where he summed up the kick with an interesting expression.

“I call it Wakanda style,” said Buckley.

Wakanda is the fictional country in Africa that serves as the home of well-known Marvel comic book character, Black Panther, who was portrayed by the late Chadwick Boseman. Since the untimely passing of Boseman earlier this year, several athletes have paid tribute to the actor using his famous ‘Wakanda Forever’ gesture, which Buckley was seen doing before and after the fight.

Despite throwing the kick with all the confidence in the world, Buckley admitted that he was somewhat shy to throw it again after Kasanganay responded to it well the first time. Fortunately, he shook off any lingering feelings of doubt after throwing the kick the second time, and well, we all saw what happened next.

“I was conscious of it because he caught my foot the first time, you know what I mean? But I was just hesitant then just to throw it, but the second time, I said ‘Why not?’. And when I threw it, I connected [and] I just didn’t know I knocked him out until I seen his body go stiff and I was just like, ‘Oh yeah that’s game over. That’s match.”

After picking up his first promotional win in the UFC in incredible fashion, Buckley is hoping to return to the cage very soon.

“We’ll see. I gotta talk to the management team, but I’m trying to get in here ASAP. As soon as possible.”

UFC Fight Island 5: Joaquin Buckley describes viral knockout as ‘Wakanda Style’
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Robbie Hart

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Feb 13, 2015
It was a great ko but are we going to fantasy land here?

I’m out

Inside Job

Sapere Aude
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Jan 17, 2015
lets stick with martial arts terms

I can't think of a better spinning back kick KO

what a moment in MMA history that was

Jesus X

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Sep 7, 2015
was that TKD or MT? I have never seen that except in maybe video games like virtua fighter 2.


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Mar 20, 2020
What is the scariest plant on earth ?


Why did the ghost walk into the bar?


To get some BOOS .



stay triggered by a made up country

Sincerely ....

Me ...

Also also

Spoiler below

Dumbledwarf dies in the end


Tuc Ouiner

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May 19, 2016
Kinda sucks being on the receiving end of that kick, but that's how the cookie crumbles. Good for the fans to see the highlight reel stuff once in a while. A vicious slam dunk beats a boring lay up anyday.