Camp 101: A Comprehensive Understanding of Camps and Corners

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Dec 28, 2018

Combat sports are often considered the world’s toughest due to the nature of the competition, i.e. getting kicked, punched, elbowed, kneed, wrestled, and grappled. Of more importance is the fact that it’s not a team sport -- when you step into that cage you are out in no man’s land by yourself. Your team watches outside the cage while you and your opponent wage a battle inside of it; they can’t fight for you. What they can do, however, is prepare you correctly between and during fight camps, directing you intelligently and efficiently to help guide you to victory. And this is the crux of today’s article -- as talented as these fighters are, as tough as these fighters are, as experienced as these fighters are, and as skilled as these fighters are, they can’t do it alone. For all the loneliness that is experienced in-cage, in-fight, everything else leading up to them stepping into the cage is a team effort. And as much as we key in on fighters -- what they did or didn't do -- we have to ask what the reasoning is behind their actions and inactions.


Nov 3, 2015
Mike Perry should read this.

Come to think of it, what happened to his fanboys who were around for a bit?