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get a job hippy
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Jan 15, 2015
The ban on social gatherings inside homes that was implemented in the Lower Mainland two weeks ago has been extended across the entire province until at least Dec. 7, and masks will now be mandatory in indoor public and retail spaces.

Thursday afternoon, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced the extension of the previously announced ban on social gatherings of any size in homes with people from outside that household.

She said the transmission of COVID-19 has not been slowed since the Lower Mainland-specific order was put in place two weeks ago, and the increasing numbers of cases have begun to strain B.C.'s healthcare system across B.C.

“We've seen an increase in the transmission in healthcare outbreaks and strains on our healthcare system in other parts of the province as well, particularly all the additional three health authorities – the Interior, the North and Vancouver Island – have been experiencing surges,” she said.

As of Wednesday, 209 British Columbians were hospitalized with the virus, two of whom are in the Interior Health region, two are on Vancouver Island and eight are in the Northern Health region. COVID-related deaths have also increased recently, with 11 new deaths announced Tuesday and another 10 on Wednesday.

Dr. Henry has also ordered the mandatory use of masks in all public and retail indoor settings moving forward. Until now, she has said masks in indoor spaces are “expected,” but it's now mandatory.

“There will be mandatory wearing of masks in all indoor public and retail spaces, not only for staff but also for customers, except when you're eating and drinking in restaurants for example,” Dr. Henry said. “Also in all workplaces for those common public areas like elevators, corridors between shared work areas, in hotels, the elevators and common areas, for example.”

The temporary cancellation of all events and mass gatherings in the province was also ordered Thursday, regardless if the events are under 50 people. This order will remain in place until at least Dec. 7, and includes places of worship, like churches and temples.


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First 100
Jan 18, 2015
What's the daily case count out there?
Been high the past week or so, most cases coming from the Fraser Valley... im gonna say this Surrey, most cases coming from Surrey which happens to be celebrating Dawahli right now. I am just pointing that out I am in no need implying anything but giving that opinion to prove my next point.

Which is, my biggest issue is how they are telling us we can't have people in our own homes. Limiting gathering, now I may be taking it the wrong way, considering the only gathering I do with my family as of recent is having friends (the same people over everytime) for dinner