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Freeloading Rusty

Here comes Rover, sniffin’ at your ass
Jan 11, 2016
PP doing God's work.

Poilievre campaign says it recruited record number of new members to Conservative Party

Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre has recruited more new members than the total number of people who joined the party during the last leadership race two years ago, Mr. Poilievre’s campaign said Saturday.

Jenni Byrne, Mr. Poilievre’s senior adviser, said his camp had signed up 311,958 new members before the midnight deadline on Friday. In the 2020 leadership race, all four candidates recruited more than 269,000 people in total, which was a record for the party.

The number of new Tories recruited by Mr. Poilievre’s campaign dwarfs the more than 150,000 members signed up by Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown – the only other leadership candidate who has released membership numbers. The six leadership campaigns had until Friday to sign up members for the September vote. The end of the membership drive marks a turning point in the race, with candidates now turning their attention to swaying supporters in other camps and ensuring their members follow through and vote.


The Most Consistent Motherfucker You Know
Jul 22, 2015
Anyone been following the Nova Scotia killings inquiry? Looks like Billy and JT might have really stepped in it.