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TMMAC Addict
Jul 16, 2015
I watched the debate this morning and I could stand it. They announce all these rules and then just go Jerry Springer as soon as the bell rang. It should be a fight to the death.
The format sucked.
It was a stupid idea
Don't get me started on all-, female moderators


First 100
First 100
Jan 18, 2015
When sheer and JT squared off I thought they were gonna start throwing hands. Singh would have fucked them both


Stewart Era Liberal
Jul 22, 2015
Jagmeet did better than expected, a few good moments, a few mist opportunities.

JT shit the bed and got treated like a bitch.

Sheer took it to JT but other than JT bashing, he offered little to nothing.

As for the other three.. BQ, Greens, PPC in that order for their performance tonight.
The Jag has looked really good over the last couple weeks.


Posting Machine
Mar 30, 2015
That half-assed debate was mind-numbingly stupid and laborious to watch. The only person that didn't seem like a programmed robot was Singh.

Politicians are useless and antiquated at this point. Get rid of all paid politicians and political parties then just vote directly on issues once a month. Send Trebek or Chris Hadfield or someone around to shake hands, give a couple speeches and call it a day. Right now it's just a bunch of people voting for their favourite colour and then patting themselves on their back while making Facebook posts about how they contributed.

Sorry for the rant but after watching that trash I think the only natural reaction would be to feel a bit depressed in the state of the world. I wouldn't want to vote for most of those douchebags to be class president of a Grade 6 class.

Megaterio Llamas

Vigorously working member
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
over all it was a shit debate. too much climate emergency ,quebec nonsense,and indigenous rights bullshit .not enough economy,jobs or foreign relations questions . shit format . too many moderators.all liberal women. 40 seconds is way too short of a time to respond to a question. they kept talking over each other. no one had control of the debate. weak candidates all around . nothing was really accomplished here
Yeah, I saw the CBC debate ad a few days ago and all of their reporters that were going to be there were women. I guess they sent Ian Hanamansingh to the kitchen to make them all sandwiches.

Megaterio Llamas

Vigorously working member
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
Twas a battle royal, a real donnybrook. The stage was covered in gore by the end of it.
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