General Chris D'leia learns about screenshots

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Fight the Power
Nov 16, 2019

Justin beiber now on the #meetoo train.

Big Dummy

Posting Machine
Dec 15, 2018
That's hurts a tiny bit, just a little.
Cuz ur queer.

I looked at some Used Tacoma’s but damn they were pricey. I ended up buying my first Ford truck last November. I’ve always bought GM but I really like my brother in law’s Ford. So far so good. 2009 F150 FX4 it’s kind of a city boy truck with the 20 inch rims but it had KO2s and I put those on my 2007 Chevy HD a couple times. I liked them. I think I might look for some different stock rims when it’s time for new tires though. And that my friend is how you shit up a thread about sexual abuse.