Coast 2 Coast Combat Hour 1/18/23 (UFC 283 fight week)

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Enock-O-Lypse Now!

Sigma Empath
Jun 19, 2016
Great episode, you guys covered a lot of ground. I'm a long time fan but pretty much have checked out at this point so it's nice for you to give updates on what's happening and how to watch this weekend:

Invicta on Youtube
Bellator - CBS

You guys talked about how rare it is for fighters to have 4 fights against each you mentioned Tim Vs Arlovski let's not forget about Wanderlei Vs Rampage ..even though the 4th fight I don't think anyone remembers.

Awesome to see you give love to Shogun and Fedor two living legends that shined bright when PrideFC made fighter larger then life hero's.

This weekend we see the end of an era with those two Bushido Warriors