Dan Mirgoliota (sp?)

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jimmy boogaloo

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Nov 15, 2017
muppet. let the man do his thing, you tart.

(edit, he took a point off MVP for showboating. stupid bullshit)
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jimmy boogaloo

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Nov 15, 2017
haha conor looked sober there. fuckinell.

also fuck the ref for looking disappointedly at Salazar. Jesus, he had to tap. don't make him feel any shitter than he already does! plus fingers on the face is not against the rules. another piece of shit refereeing


I'd rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.
Aug 7, 2015
MVP said that Big Tan Dan called him a "piece of shit" so based on that news... I'm now a fan of Big Tan Dan.

Robbie Hart

I apparently look like a Jewish accountant
Feb 13, 2015
I was a bit like “huh?, what’s mizerglioti doing?”

And I’m right, he’s as much a buffoon as Boris Johnson, but mizergliota is not a U.K. citizen......he’s obviously from Florida


Nov 15, 2015
Miraglidiot strikes again.

jimmy boogaloo

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Nov 15, 2017
there are taco munchers saying Dan was enforcing the rules. butt fuck those guys because there is no rule against being an asshole

As set out by the Association of Boxing Commissions:[9]

  • Grabbing the fence
  • Holding opponent’s shorts or gloves
  • Head-butting
  • Biting or spitting at an opponent
  • Hair pulling
  • Fish-hooking
  • Intentionally placing a finger into any orifice, or into any cut or laceration of an opponent
  • Eye gouging of any kind
  • Groin attacks
  • Downward pointing of elbow strikes (see 12-6 elbow)
  • Small joint manipulation
  • Strikes to the spine or back of the head or anything behind the ears (see Rabbit punch)
  • Throat strikes of any kind, including, without limitation, grabbing the trachea
  • Fingers outstretched towards opponent's face/eyes
  • Clawing, pinching, twisting the flesh
  • Kicking and knee-striking the head of a grounded opponent (see Soccer kick)
  • Stomping an opponent on the ground
  • Swearing or offensive language in the cage (although nobody ever received deductions or disqualifications in fights)
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct that causes an injury to opponent
  • Attacking an opponent during a break
  • Attacking an opponent who is under the care of the referee
  • Timidity (avoiding contact, consistent dropping of mouthpiece, or faking an injury)
  • Throwing opponent out of the ring/fighting area
  • Interference from a mixed martial artist's cornerman
  • Flagrant disregard of the referee’s instructions
  • Spiking an opponent to the canvas on his or her head or neck (see Piledriver)
  • Attacking an opponent after the bell has sounded the end of the period of unarmed combat