Dana White: ‘We’re gonna do something for Kobe’ at UFC 247

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Dec 31, 2014

The recent death of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant has rocked not just the basketball world, but people all across the globe have been shocked by the news of his sudden and tragic passing. Some of those most deeply affected have been the athletes who took inspiration from Bryant’s career and famed work ethic.

“I’ve never looked up to any other athlete but Kobe Bryant,” UFC 247 headliner Dominick Reyes recently revealed, speaking to ESPN. “Kobe’s mentality of ‘nobody is gonna believe in you but you’ — I’ve used that throughout my life. I made it to my university, I’m…

Dana White: UFC planning a tribute for Kobe Bryant on Jones vs. Reyes PPV card

jimmy boogaloo

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Nov 15, 2017
if normal people need six months to recover from an injury, a fighter would rehab it in three. so if people say, 'let's have a full 10 seconds of silence out of respect', a fight crowd can get through the mourning process in eight seconds or less.

if anything it's a sign of respect that this section of the proceedings stretched to nine seconds.