Dana White explains why TUF ‘can’t go away ever’

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Dec 31, 2014

When the UFC ended its contract with the FOX network in 2018, the Ultimate Fighter reality series went off the air as well. But according to UFC president Dana White, the platform that launched the careers of Forrest Griffin, Michael Bisping, and Nate Diaz, to name a few, will be making a comeback.

“[Craig] Piligian and I are working on “The Ultimate Fighter” right now,” White said during a media scrum following the latest episode of the Contender Series. “We’ll figure [the timeline for the return] tonight. They’re waiting for me for dinner right now.”

White went on to reveal how they’re changing a few things upon TUF’s resurgence, seeing how instrumental it is…

Dana White explains why The Ultimate Fighter reality show ‘can’t go away ever’


Posting Machine
Oct 10, 2016
Playing Devil's Advocate, the "TUF" brand and format both have value in bringing exposure to emerging fighters, and unlike on Dana Wants To Nut Contenders, the winner is guaranteed a contract no matter how they win.

That being said TUF should have cut back to once a year a long time ago. If they bring it back, please only once a year. And maybe open it to Brazilian and other Latin American fighters to widen the talent pool, and just bring in on-camera translators as needed (you could probably find translators who can do both Portuguese and Spanish). It would make trash talk at the house interesting for sure.

Alternately, make it 16 dudes from different countries who all speak different languages and can't communicate with each other.

Robbie Hart

I apparently look like a Jewish accountant
Feb 13, 2015
So........it’s done

Why didn’t my friend Dana tell me about this?