Dana White: UFC postponing next three fight cards

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    After stubbornly trying to keep its event schedule intact even through the coronavirus pandemic, the UFC has decided to indefinitely postpone three upcoming fight night events: The March 21 card previously slated for London, the event headlined by Francis Ngannou vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik on March 28, and the card topped by Alistair Overeem vs. Walt Harris on April 11.

    UFC research analyst Michael Carroll first reported the news, sourcing an email sent by UFC President Dana White to company employees. The UFC has also closed its offices and the Performance Institute through at least the end of March.

    The full email was obtained by MMAjunkie, and reads as…

    UFC postpones next three events amid coronavirus pandemic, UFC 249 still scheduled
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    dana white:modelo pays us to drink in the gym we can not endorse the corona virus unless they pay us.
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    LOL. What a retard. If he wasn't already enough of a complete embarrassment to humanity, he's somehow made his stocks drop even lower.

    Anybody with any sense could see where this was going, but like the stubborn child that he is, he refused to accept reality and made himself look like a fool while doing it.

    Hopefully the coronavirus can achieve what Meniere's couldn't.
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