General Daniel Snyder’s defiant declaration about never changing the Redskins team name

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TMMAC Addict
Oct 25, 2015
Nothing "racist" about what he said. You are simply a retarded parrot and can't compute when someone contradicts your programming.

No city names their teams after something they detest and look down on. They clearly admired the fighting spirit of the redskins and thus the logo, fight song, etc...

Some of you are incredibly simple, like children.

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Edit: respectful discussion please - L
Wasnt that name given by native americans anyways? The vast majority of native americans want to keep that name as they have their culture represented in something they are proud of. That what I had a native american tell me, and it surprised me tbh.


Active Member
Oct 25, 2015
If I was Snyder and wanted a big "Fuck You" for the complainers I'd rename the team "The Pirates" and still use the exact same logo but with an eye patch on the Native American.