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That one guy that did that one thing
Jan 24, 2015
So about 5ish years ago I was in charge of about 8 guys that were getting kicked out of the military for drugs. One of those guys failed to tell his wife all about it and on the day he was getting discharged I had the pleasure of telling the wife that they had 24 hours to pack their whole house and vacate the base. I had to take her to the U-Haul and get a moving truck. Here is where my entrepreneurial tale kicks in. I was loading up their house into this U-haul and I noticed 2 big boxes of comic books. I looked up and jokingly said, "Ok, welp guess I will put these in my car". Both the husband and wife said," Yeah, we won't need them anymore". So low and Behold I became the owner of said boxes... So tell me if I got anything good.

Here's the list of what was inside:

Ghost Rider,Wolverine,Punisher - Hearts of Darkness
Ghost Rider and X-Men
Punisher War Journal - The KanchatKan Konspiracy 1,2,3 of 3
Punisher Summer Special
Vanguard #0
Ninjak issues 1-6 and 9
Bloodstrike issues 1-10
X-Men Alpha
X-Men Unlimited issue #1 and #10
Uncanny X-men anniversary issue
The Dragon - Blood and Guts 1,2,3
Savage Dragon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover
Savage Dragon issue #1
Solar Man of the Atom about 15 issues
Solar The Destroyer 4 issues
Sabertooth : Death Hunt issues 1-4
Transformers Gen 2 issues 1-10
Supreme issue #1-10
Ghost(by Darkhorse) issue #1-4 and Special issue
Ghost The War for Arcadia : Prelude
Brigade : Blood Brothers
Brigade : Extreme Prejudice
Team Youngblood
The Chromium Man #1-#6 (Says "The Collecters Universe #20,881 of 22,000)?
The Chromium Man - Violent Past part 1-2(same thing as above)
Geomancer issue #1-6
Deathmate Prologue,Yellow,Blue,Red, Epilogue
Pitt issue #1-9
Warlock and the Infinity Watch issue #1-10
30th Anniversary issue The Spectacular Spiderman
30th Anniversary issue The Web of Spiderman


Pro Fighter
Jan 26, 2015
Ugh, Ninjak was horrible

You got some decent reading but nothing I can see as valuable


Well-Known Member
Apr 17, 2015
On a quick eyeballing over your list, it looks like mostly 1990's books. During the 90's, there was a comics boom, in part due to Publishers milking their fans with variant covers and other gimmicky covers as well as Speculators who bought double-digit multiple copies (ME! 20 Spawn #1). The comics industry almost died.

However, with that said, the books are worth SOMETHING if you read them and like them!