Diaz considering legal action after false arrest story

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TMMAC's Most Handsome Admin
Dec 31, 2014

UFC star Nate Diaz is contemplating legal action after the Miami Herald falsely reported that he had been arrested in a domestic violence case and that he had then attacked police officers in a Miami police station.

The false story appeared on the Herald’s website on Wednesday morning. The story cited a ‘law enforcement source’ when naming Nate Diaz as the person that had been arrested. After the story appeared Zach Rosenfield, a spokesperson for Diaz, contacted the outlet to say that Diaz has been in California and that he was not involved in any altercation.

The Herald then updated their story and issued the following…

Nate Diaz ‘exploring legal action’ after false report of domestic violence arrest


Hello Bitch Lasagna
Jun 2, 2016
Next story should be..

Herald Writer needs stitches after being brutally Stockton Slapped by Nate Diaz.

Mad Dog

First 100
First 100
Jan 14, 2015
Miami Herald definitely should be held accountable for running with a false story. They owe Nate a retraction and and apology at the minimum and a lawsuit would get them to that point.
Jun 28, 2016
since he's a public figure, he has to be able to demonstrate actual financial loss in order to get paid.
threatening a lawsuit is probably enough to get an apology and 'mea culpa' on page six of the sports section.