Donald Cerrone: If Jon Jones ‘wants to do drugs and still kick ass, you go ahead baby’

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    Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is scheduled to meet Daniel Cormier in a much-anticipated rematch at UFC 214. Jones won the first bout but has had plenty of troubles outside the cage since then, which allowed Cormier to claim the title and defend it twice. Jones will look to get in back in July, but Cormier’s comments about Jones’ drug use continue to get press as Jones waits out the last months of his suspension.

    Enter Donald Cerrone. A teammate of Jones at JacksonWink and well-known as a free thinker, Cowboy was asked about Jones by TMZ Sports, and gave a very Cerrone-like answer. Is Jones sober, and how does he look?

    “I don’t know. He looks…

    Cerrone: If Jones does drugs and still kicks ass, go ahead
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    Jan 17, 2015
    I agree
    But not PEDs

    I really think you should be able to fight stoned if you want...maybe not drunk or coked because the thinning of blood with alcohol and maybe if Coke raises heart rate too much

    I don know cannabis raises heart rate slightly.

    respect the donald
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    Jan 19, 2015
    Cerrone is awesome.

    However, I don't think he stands and trades with Robbie. Cowboy will look to get this one to the floor.

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