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    BENEDICT Cumberbatch knocked down a cyclist with his car on a country lane — and was then slapped by his victim.

    Retired fisherman Michael Lawrence, 63, was left bleeding heavily from an arm injury.

    Benedict Cumberbatch was slapped in the face by a cyclist he had knocked off his bike.

    Michael Lawrence, known as Scooby, was hit by Benedict Cumberbatch on a narrow country lane.

    He did not recognise the Sherlock star, 42, on the Isle of Wight, until he took off his baseball cap.

    A friend told The Sun: “Scooby was on his brand new bike when the car appeared out of nowhere. There was literally nowhere else in the road to go.

    “He just put his arm over him and took the full force of the impact on his forearm, which smashed the wing mirror.

    “It totally ruptured his arm. There was blood everywhere.

    “Scooby is no shrinking violet and he bloody hurt him by the sounds of it.”

    The friend said Scooby had identified the car as a green Lamborghini Urus 4x4.



    Cumberbatch — whose character crashes a £180,000 Lamborghini Huracán in 2016 film Doctor Strange — is said to have climbed out shouting: “You were in the middle of the road!”

    The pal said: “Scooby dusted himself off and, full of adrenaline, reacted as he knows best — by slapping him.

    “That posh actor was lucky he didn’t throw a punch.

    “Apparently it was like a slow-motion moment in a film where the man he just slapped took off his baseball cap, and he realised it was Benedict Cumberbatch. Scooby said he nearly had a heart attack.”

    After the pair calmed down, the star, 42, handed 63-year-old Michael a T-shirt and a bottle of water to clean the blood, then offered him a lift to hospital.


    Cumberbatch reported the accident in Freshwater, on the Isle of Wight, to cops but is said to have told them he did not want to press charges over the slap.

    He and Michael exchanged numbers, but the pal said: “He’s miffed he hasn’t been in contact yet. He said he was lucky to be alive.

    “Despite everything, he thought Cumberbatch was all right — a bit posh, but all right.”


    Retired fisherman Michael is considering seeking compensation and has been advised he could get up to £20,000.

    When The Sun approached him about the September accident, he said: “I’m sorry but I can’t talk about it.”

    Hampshire Police confirmed the collision had been reported.

    They added: “No complaints were made, no criminal offences were investigated and the matter is being dealt with through insurance.”

    Cumberbatch married theatre director Sophie Hunter, 41, on the island three years ago and the couple are reported to have built a second home there.
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    "told them he did not want to press charges over the slap"

    What a world where you potentially can press charges for getting slapped but not for getting hit with a fucking car.
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    Sherlock imo
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