Eco challenge (tv show) spoiler

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First 100
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
Im glad they brought this show back. Amazing athletes!

my gripes: 1Why the hell did Fiji get a new boat at the end?! Fuck that; they get rescued they should be DQed.
Bear Gryles should shut the hell up. Too much talkey talkey. Need more action and real competitors.
Alzheimers guy is true grit!

I hope they bring the show back though.

Wrong forum.... damn it. Someone move it please.
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Inside Job

Sapere Aude
First 100
Jan 17, 2015
They have to travel 400+ miles over water , mountains and climb a waterfall without any modern technology (gps, electronics). It soul crushes people.
sounds good
where do you watch it?

I can find it anywhere but if it is on a service I pay for all the better.

I will check it out.