Society Expert on concentration camps says U.S. has them

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Don't it always seem to go
Apr 18, 2015
Why is the US feeding and sheltering these criminals, they're not us citizens. If they don't cross into the US, how is it their problem? feeding and sheltering them made it the us's problem. Just turn them back with a line of mounted machine guns.
This post could have been written in 1939.


Jun 28, 2016
we should also acknowledge that the primary driving factor for agricultural unemployment, in southern Mexico/Central America is US agricultural subsidies.


get a job hippy
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
100,000 in every state?

what? How does she arrive at numbers anywhere close to that?
that makes 5 million concentration camps lol these people dont even think .they just blurt out virtue signals and then the next NPC has to top it . next will be alyssa milano claiming eleventy billion death camps are executing children on the orders of der fuhrer trump

Bones Nose

Mostly peaceful poster
Jun 13, 2016
Overcrowding? Because america is run by a nazi and these people are rushing to get detained and sent to a concentration camp? I dont remember hearing about jews trying to dig tunnels into nazi germany... Digging out maybe... but literally lines of people trying to get into trumps america

Maybe they are trying to get in because our economy is the best its ever been

And also a ticking time bomb you say? Whats ticking? The point where they become violent and start a riot in the detention center they are being held in for ILLEGAL entry into the country? Bullshit I was told by CNN these are peaceful families looking for a better life, not criminal rioters... And dont get me started if your implying that these peaceful migrants are going to spread diseases because thats racist.