Expose your lack of MMA knowledge by referring to Fedor as overrated/can in this thread

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Jan 15, 2015
okay, this is fun, let's give it a try:

Frank Mir koed CroCop and Nogueira. Fedor? Fedor couldn't, and this was even when he still had a bit of hair!

<- am I doing this right?

Anyone as enhanced as him (when he was using the magical powers of his sweater plus the priest with the cursing look) could have done what he did plus the steroids plus the corrupt referees, basically Codie McKenzie could beat him realistically if we're being honest.
And he held the rope against Lindland. Otherwise he would have been koed by seconds later, same as against Arlovski.

Dennis Siver > Bj Penn > GSP > Bisping > Henderson > Fedor
matt lindland grabbed the ropes too