General False reports of school shootings are the new generation's version of what use to be a bomb threat

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First 1025
Oct 18, 2015
Some dumb kid doesn't want to go to class and thinks it is funny to bring the school to a hault, so they call in a fake threat. When I was a kid, it'd be a bomb threat. Classes would stop and we'd all evacuate the school to nearby buildings while the cops came in and checked the school. Nowadays, they do the same thing except the threat is a school shooting and everyone shelters in place while the school goes into lock down.


Jesus X

Elon Musk the richest African American
Sep 7, 2015
He should be expelled immediately. Arrest the kid to deter other kids he doesnt have to spend time in jail just make a big ass spectacle of it and invite all the media to watch him get hauled off to get booked and charged. This type of crying wolf it going to get kids killed in the future when cops think it is a false call.