Former Extreme Fighting Champion Igor Zinoviev and Jeffrey Epstein

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Don't it always seem to go
Apr 18, 2015
Karim Zidan is to me the best true journalist in MMA and it's not close. His work on revealing the ties of many MMA fighters, promoters, managers, and agents to shady people is some great investigative work.

In this article, he talks about former Extreme Fighting Champion Igor Zinoviev, most famous for a major upset against Mario Sperry in Extreme Fighting 1 and one of the fastest KOs in UFC history when he was slam KOed by Frank Shamrock in UFC 16, permanently ending his fighting career. I was reminded of it in the recent Namajunas/Andrade fight.

Igor appeared in a couple films, as I recall, but it seems eventually he got work as pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's driver and bodyguard/hired muscle. Worthwhile read here.

The former UFC fighter with ties to child sex abuser Jeffery Epstein


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Aug 7, 2015
Pat Militech was losing his mind on Twitter when this article originally came out because that's him in the photo with Igor and they didn't have him edited out.

Gawl dang liberal media was out to get him.

Saloth Sar

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Dec 1, 2015
I'm all for jailing every single person involved in either participating in this guy's crimes, enabling them or protecting him so he could continue to commit them, but let's start at the very top of the corridors of power before we work our way down to his hired muscle.

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Oct 19, 2015
I'm not jumping on this. Anyone pictured with epstein is under scrutiny. His driver and security guard showing up with him in court doesn't really do anything for me. Perhaps epstein did it to intimidate, but I'm guessing igor wasn't in on the strategy. Do they have footage of zinoviev mad dogging witnesses or victims? Did zinoviev make throat cutting gestures in court? I'd imagine, if anything, epstein got word to victims and witnesses that an ultimate fighter worked for him, then brought said person with him to court. I could be way off, but I just don't buy all the bullshit surrounding anyone ever in touch with epstein. The media wants to make it look like anyone they don't like with ties to epstein were child molesters or enablers. Is Stephen hawking guilty too? He was a friend and flown to the rape island.


He may be a good, or even great mma journalist but I'm not so sure the following is worded very well: "the problems with a justice system that ignores the accusations of girls and women in favour of their abusers."
From my observations, the average man or boy will NOT be favoured to their accusers when it comes to physical or sexual assault or even just accusations of the threat of either. I hate to see the wording he chose because it simply means more false accusations against men without influence to compensate.

To the point of the article, yeah, if Igor was visiting him in "prison" and has been employed by him for over a decade, my bet would be he was, at the very least, complicit.


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Jan 15, 2015
If I were a betting man... He probably got a blowy from a kid or two while he was there.
i cant see any other reason for anyone to be on that island. it was well known for years what was going on there. if a normal person was to receive an invite to go somewhere where suspected pedophilia was rumored to be taking place they would be like fuck no . no thanks . if someone know that kids are rumored to be getting molested on the island and they still went anyways there can only be one reason for that.