Former TUF contestant has sex assault charges dismissed

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Missing you Pey
Dec 31, 2014
Rafael De Freitas during a photoshoot for The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate.

Yesterday Jason Bowles, attorney for BJJ coach and former The Ultimate Fighter contestant Rafael de Freitas, forwarded to Bloody Elbow a court document that shows that sexual assault charges against his client have been dropped.

That document states the following:

Comes now the State of New Mexico by and through its Deputy District Attorney, Allysa Gambarella, and enters a nolle prosequi without prejudice in the above captioned case. While probably cause existed at the time of arrest, additional investigation has revealed that, at this time, there exists an insufficient factual basis to meet the State’s burden at trial.
Nolle prosequi means that the state will no longer prosecute. In this case it means that De Freitas’ two charges of criminal sexual penetration in the third degree have been dismissed.

De Freitas was charged with these offences after he was named in a criminal complaint in late 2020. The complaint accused De Freitas of drugging a woman during an at-home BJJ lesson on November 7. The woman handed police home security footage that she said showed De Freitas “possibly” putting something in her drink. The complaint alleged that once the woman had passed out, De Freitas forced oral sex and masturbation on her.

After news of De Freitas’ arrest went public his attorney sent a prepared statement to MMA Fighting proclaiming his innocence. That statement included the following:

We have now watched the video. Let us be clear: these charges are false. The video proves Mr. de Freitas’ innocence of a crime. We will present evidence that she invited Mr. de Freitas over that morning in texts, poured alcohol and had liquid THC, and her actions and responses during the video reflect a completely consensual encounter. Her statements to police also show that she had had motives to bring these false charges.
De Freitas has a pro MMA record of 5-1-1. In 2013 he briefly appeared on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, where he was eliminated in the preliminary round of the competition. Since retiring from competition, De Freitas has taught BJJ in Albuquerque, NM.

When De Freitas was arrested The Albuquerque Journal reported that he was an employee of Jackson Wink Academy. A spokesperson for Jackson Wink claimed that this was not true. Despite not being a formal employee of Jackson Wink, De Freitas had worked with some of the gym’s top names. Last year De Freitas cornered Holly Holm in her main event fight at UFC Fight Island 4.

Prosecutor dismisses sex assault charges against former TUF contestant Rafael de Freitas
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Jan 31, 2015
Damn, that shits like mccarthyism, the accusation will still stick regardless of veracity or not.


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Jun 13, 2016
If it dont fit
You must acquit

Just kidding. Fuck that guy


Dec 15, 2018
Damn, that shits like mccarthyism, the accusation will still stick regardless of veracity or not.
I remember years ago hearing someone mention an old quote which I'm sure I'm murdering a bit but went somewhere along the lines of "I'd rather be found guilty of robbery than found not guilty of sexual assault"...


Strikeforce lives baby!
Feb 6, 2021
Moral of the story, if you have any type of recognition in the fight world never mention it to a women in a bar somewhere or you will 100 percent be charged with sexual assault if she suspects you for having any type of money, matter of fact say you are just a plumber.