General Guy, 20, videos himself beating an elderly man in nursing home, posts it to social media (no vid in thread)

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Papi Chingon

TMMAC Addict
Oct 19, 2015
I was watching the news last night and there was a story about a man in Detroit who beat an elderly man in a nursing home. The guy was 20 years old and the elderly man was apparently 75. The guy videos himself doing it, then posts it to some sort of social media (facebook or twitter). Fortunately some people who viewed the video reported it to police. In the news story they only played a small clip of the beating, but apparently it went on for another 90 seconds. The elderly man was in bed and the guy punching him was standing up bedside. All punches in the clip appeared to be directly to the man's face. I'm not going to post the video since it is infuriating, disgusting, and made made me sick to my stomach. Thank god they didn't play the whole thing.

Did anyone else see that? What the fuck is wrong with the world?