"He is a loser!" Colby Covington roasts Masvidal, mocks BMF belt, praises Trump, laughs off Usman

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first 100 master race
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
Lol @ colby walking around with an interim belt he got stripped of calling a guy who just won a big fight and made fat stacks a loser


Sharing My Heart And My Part
Oct 25, 2015
His troll game is easily seen through and not even slightly funny like some.


it's what it is...
Oct 21, 2015
this beef between colby/ masvidal is the biggest bullshit ever. all of a sudden, they turn on each other cuz he ripped off a coach... c'mon~

these guys are still friends, probably texting each other at night (Jorge is probably the one that's orchestrating all this, telling Colby what to say) because they know they'll fight and want to promote their fight biggest possible

Dickless Cage

banned on the U.G.
Dec 23, 2015
u know if u keep saying "he sucks" about any well ranked fighter, eventually he will pass his peak and start losing

then u can say "ive been sayin it for years, told u so"

sometimes it takes 10 years

orcus did this for all the best fighters of the pride era