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woodley cant box
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
I first visited when I was 18. Moved there for a couple of years when I was 20. I joined a few gyms for TKD and kickboxing but started training with Jason Fairn in early 1997 to learn jiujitsu. I had a training fight (full fight but in the gym against another student) the first weekend and lost. My first actual bout was a professional fight in July of the same year. I had been training 6 months but that was 20 hours per week of jiujitsu/fighting. I trained every single day, not one day off, not one session missed, so it's not like a regular 6 months of training.
Jason fairn was the man in Canadian nhb back then


TMMAC Addict
Jul 16, 2015
Yes. I was on a TV documentary in around 1999/2000 and got some minor fame. I was given a UK #1 ranking and I felt kinda pressured to compete. I hated competing but loved fighting. What I mean by that is I hate having to do a job, to do a training camp, a weight cut, media, perform in front of a crowd, deal with online criticism etc. I love testing myself.

Not really enjoyed hurting people but certainly didn't have a problem with it. I fought to win but if that involved wrecking someone, oh well.

Yes, I still compete in jiujitsu.

Not interested in fighting MMA anymore, because of the reasons noted above. And I'm 45 with a job and family.

I don't use any supplements. Occasionally a protein powder when I was weight cutting. I have a story about steroids :) I competed in Hook n Shoot in the US for their featherweight title and I won. I went back to the changing room and a commissioner said to me, "Remedios, you gotta pee."
Me: "No, I'm fine thanks."
Commissioner: "No, you GOTTA pee." He sees me looking confused and asks if I've taken anything I shouldn't have.
Me: "Is caffeine banned? I took quite a lot to deal with jetlag."
Commissioner: "No, caffeine is fine."
Me (smiling): "Then no, I have nothing to hide :)" and I pissed in his pot.

No serious injuries, I feel pretty great. I did hurt my back deadlifting and MRI shows my discs are pretty worn. If I stand too long my back starts to ache but that's about it. I know it sounds arrogant but I'm in great shape, year round six pack and I almost feel bad competing in the masters division against these old fucks.

When I competed in Cage Rage, they were looking to get a video game sponsor and they need nicknames for their fighters that would translate into mascots. They made up Bulldog for me, fuck knows why. Ask Dave O'Donnell.
Key word here. 'almost'.