Horiguchi: ‘I want to fight Henry Cejudo’

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TMMAC's Most Handsome Admin
Dec 31, 2014

When Kyoji Horiguchi left the UFC he did so very much on his own terms. The former flyweight top contender battled out the final fight on his contract - a decision win over Ali Bagautinov - then turned down the UFC’s renewal offer, eventually landing with RIZIN Fighting Federation. It seems he couldn’t have made a better decision.

In the two years since leaving the Octagon, Horiguchi has put together an impressive 10-0 record—running through RIZIN’s 2017 Grand Prix, and capturing the promotion’s inaugural 135 lb title with a win over Bellator bantamweight champion Darrion Caldwell. On June 14th, he repeated the feat, beating Caldwell at Bellator 222 to capture the…

Horiguchi dreams of RIZIN/UFC co-promotion: ‘I want to fight Henry Cejudo’


Pulse On The Finger Of The Community
First 100
Jan 16, 2015
That'd be awesome if Horiguchi won all 3 belts, but Dana ain't cool like that.
A rematch with Mighty mouse in ONEFC is more feasable.


TMMAC Addict
Oct 22, 2015
So does Horiguchi only want to fight Cejudo now he's lying in a hospital bed or is he actually dellusional to think he can beat a healthy Cejudo? Cejudo is better wherever the fight goes.


Read Achille Mbembe
Apr 18, 2015
I really like Horiguchi and think he's incredibly talented. He's definitely one of the best at his weight and he mostly had to figure things out himself due to the training methods when he was with Kid. I think he could give Cejudo a good fight because he matches better with him than DJ, but Cejudo seems really dialed in right now.