How often do you work out?

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Man on the silver mountain
Dec 1, 2015
Kettlebells every other day. Don't worry about which day of the week. Just every other
On off days i will cycle, run, canoe, skateboard

Stretching before and after each


Active Member
Aug 2, 2022
I do some cardio workouts for 20-30 min twice a day. I don't really workouts during the weekend. That pattern of the workout really helps me a lot in maintaining my physical health and wellness.


Oct 20, 2022
I often work out but it's really hard to manage BJJ practice with workouts. In the beginning, it seems like a nightmare now I know how to deal with this with a proper workout chart.

Monday: Only Practice of BJJ
Tuesday: 2 hours bike ride + gym + hard exercises
Wednesday: Sports (football and socket) + BJJ practice
Thursday: Gym + Sports + BJJ practice
Friday: Cycling + light exercises
Saturday: Gym + lazy day
Sunday: OFF day (mostly cheat day)
But a morning walk and Yoga are a must every day.

Bend The Knee

Active Member
Sep 19, 2015
Monday: BJJ
Tuesday: Weight lifting
Wednesday: BJJ
Thursday: Weight lifting
Friday: nothing at all
Saturday: depending if I work that day depends on either BJJ or lifting. If I work, ill lift after work and go to BJJ Sunday.
Sunday: BJJ or Weight Lifting (opposite of what I did Saturday)


Better than you !
Mar 20, 2020
I couldn't imagine working out. Lol at y'all

Being well fed is a luxury. I indulge every meal and I have a glamorous life.

Our tech has evolved where I don't need to be fit. I just make amazing money and be a gluttonous jerk with every possible vice and pleasures.

Haha y'all need to live more