"Humbles -videos" (UFC)

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Monster's 11,ATM 2,Parlay Challenge,Hero GP Champ
Pro Fighter
Jan 23, 2015
Gaethje humbling Johnson was the best.. Johnson said the most disgusting shit I've ever heard before a fight and crossed the line I thought couldn't be crossed.. Fk him


Active Member
Oct 29, 2015
Fuck yeah these are great. Refreshingly different like fucking her best friend just to switch it up here and there. Good work.

Saloth Sar

Let's take a little trip to the countryside
Dec 1, 2015
Kind of a wrecks concept here if you have Adesanya-Romero in there for several reasons. Romero was already coming off 3 losses in his last 4 fights, so he had already been well and truly 'humbled'. And Romero also won.

If 'humble' is just a synonym for 'win a highly disputed decision' then it is pretty redundant. Even if you think Adesanya won, if anyone got humbled in that fight, it was him. He called Romero out and then put his running shoes on and never even remotely hurt Romero while getting hurt himself.