Sci/Tech Hurricane Isaias

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Oct 24, 2015
I'm confused. first off, you've already had 7 storms before this in 2020?

and more importnstly, why do you keep freaking out. this looks like a big meany storm. am I missing something?
I was hoping it would fuck off to the east, off shore. Now the forecast models have started moving it west.

Tropical storm-force winds are capable of knocking power out for days. That is what I'm most worried about.

And yeah, if a storm reaches winds of 35 or 39 mph, it gets a name. Most ofthem fuck off and dissipate into nothingness. Only one has hit the U.S. this year, and that one hit Texas so no one gave a fuck.


Fight the Power
Nov 16, 2019
I think it have been around the time they got herpes monkeys

You have to wonder, given that this is Florida we're talking about, whether those monkeys had herpes before arriving there.

My guess is no.