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Confused Confucius

bigot sandwich
Nov 21, 2017
I don't remember, can you give us examples.
this is what that gaylord considers rage quitting

this is true. I have experienced my fair share of censorship. If I have to censore myself to the point where I get pinked regardless, without even knowing the reason, then I might as well not post at all. If I cant call some asshole, who is accusing me of something I didnt do, a fucking moron, when I cant even say "this is some gay shit", well thats some gay shit. I was asked to stop shitposting, so I stopped posting all together. I am not going to spend twenty minutes, every time I am about to hit post, deciding whether my post is a regular post or a shit post. These are the rules here, I accept them, but I refuse to be a part of it. Also yes, I have been drinking and playing tennis a lot lately
this was my reply to song after he was asking why I wasnt posting. Its levelheaded, no rage in that post, and I still stand by it