General Ice Fishing Tomorrow.

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Sex Chicken

Smoking Hot DILF Who Loves to Party
Sep 8, 2015
Sex Chicken @Sex Chicken so all you caught were those two bait fish?

Please tell me this was a one-day venture. I would hate to see your daughter being told she can't have a new bike because daddy blew thousands of dollars on ice fishing.
I caught about 10 but I didn’t want to crash the servers posting pics of each one. This was probably the biggest.


Formerly 'CornPop'
Jul 22, 2015
its a perch and we usually throw them in the bushes like a squaw fish . they steal your bait and are full of bones . you can catch 20 a day because it takes 20 to make a meal
They say you can catch 20 a day because of how hard they are to catch. It's like when they told the indians "Uh, yeah you can hunt all you want." because they knew the wildlife was going to be wiped out in 50 years anyways.