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First 100
First 100
Jan 18, 2015
Fucking heat index reached 99 here yesterday. Ugh.

I used to thrive on running in the hottest part of summer days, but I can't take it so well anymore. I went for a long run yesterday and had to stop and walk 5 miles in. WTF is happening to me?


Sharing My Heart And My Part
Oct 25, 2015
Its always summer in florida

You assholes make fun of florida because of the weird crime everyday

But if you were drunk and trippin on flakka and everday was summer your town would have crazy shit happening too.
I am from New Orleans so I know all about that life.
Jun 13, 2016
Were those rocks that first woman slammed into? Yikes
Probably tires. But that looks like some roadside shit that a costa rican made and charges tourists $5 to slide down. If you give him another $5 you get a gram of cocaine and a hooker for the night.

They got good prices on jet skis too