Jon Jones Has Vacated The Light Heavyweight Title

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Intergalactic Destroyer of Souls
Oct 25, 2015
So shook by Reyes that he'd rather vacate than rematch.

Gonna be all the funnier when he comes to the realization that no one cares and he still doesn't get any more $.

Inside Job

Sapere Aude
First 100
Jan 17, 2015
has DUI programs to get thru right now, no reason to schedule fights(likely restricted in some ways)
Can probably do some Picograms in retirement and get huge for a couple more big payday HW super fights to end his career


First 100 ish
Jan 19, 2015
I think we will see him again, unfortunately I can see it being in a couple years when his powers have faded
No way. In a couple years he will be even better. He won’t have to worry about testing so he will get back into “powerlifting” and come back looking like Uberreem 2.0

Papi Chingon

TMMAC Addict
Oct 19, 2015
He's sitting out trying to renegotiate a current contract. Claimed he'd sit for 3 years if necessary. He was about to get stripped. He was probably offered to give up the belt or get stripped. Don't see why he would just give it up otherwise, even if he does make the move to HW. Much better marketing position to be in if he is a current belt holder fighting in a new division than otherwise, imo.

Who knew Reyes was that intimidating?


Jun 28, 2016
Normally, JBJ would be bargaining from a position of power...but I think for the foreseeable future UFC is sitting in the catbird seat with regards to sports viewership...UFC is one of the few sports that isn't impacted by COVID.

I've never considered Malki a particularly 'savvy' guy, but this is not a smart move. Without JBJ, the LHW is going to be much more dynamic and I think there will a lot more fight-drama across the weight class, since every fight isn't "for the right to lose to JBJ".