Jupiter’s Legacy.

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Formerly 'Fingers'
Nov 14, 2019
What Netflix bullshit.

This is basically Heroes. Save the Cheerleader. First episode was good even if the fight scenes were somewhat cartooned. 2nd was meh. 3rd was shit. 49 mins for a reveal. 4th is slow but it has enough to think it’s worth watching. Then Netflix slow it down some more.

Edited by committee. If you liked the graphic novel you will be dissatisfied. At least Preacher on Amazon had some fun thrown in. And was beautifully shot. This is so virtuous and quite pedestrian. Actually very pedestrian. Probably 23 scenes in the first 4 episodes would have made my cut.

in the graphic novel we get the drug issue in five frames. Here we get hours of it.

Turgid flashbacks that clearly have been designed by committee to arc in series 5.....

The fact that James Middleton...The future queen of Englands brother has an exec prod credit says it all. His name comes after Mark Millar. the creator....

hes clearly such an amazing talent........

anyway. Watch it.

but if you want to watch something different. Watch Wayne on Prime.