Lifestyle Just Saw a Big Coyote

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Lars Soros

Formerly 'Hot Lars’
Oct 17, 2015
i live in a canyon and there is quite a few coyotes. when a ambulance goes by on the highway they all start to howl. there isnt an outside cat for miles.they are pretty crafty . they will send the females in heat over to the edge of the houses to try and lure dogs into the woods and then ambush them. its amazing how many people are ignorant of their surroundings. i see old folks walking their old poodles in the day time right where is see the coyotes at night
They always tryna get my dogs.


Jun 23, 2015
we have had an influx of coyotes in the southbay area(l.a county). I have seen 3 coyotes at the dignity health sports park where the chargers play. one had to be captured because it was like maybe 20 feet away from me and the other people outside the stadium.

Coyote sightings at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, near Torrance, worries some employees – Daily Breeze
I'll see your coyote and raise you a lion.
Mountain Lion Spotted at Chaboya Middle School in San Jose


Jun 23, 2015
we have mountain lions here too but mostly in the mountain areas in L.A county were people go jogging or hiking. in the concrete places we just have like coyotes,bears,rattlesnakes,skunks,racoons,possums,squirrels.
Haha, was it in LA up in the mountains that Jack Bauer's daughter nearly got gobbled up by one in 24?

Sex Chicken

40 Year Old Smoke Show Who Loves To Party
Sep 8, 2015
That explains alot. His arms are too weak to hold the camera up so the pics came out blurry.
This forum is a joke. It’s hilarious that I’m taking heat for a “blurry” photo of a huge coyote. Do you know how hard it is to get a photo of a coyote? Barely any photos of them exist. Google “coyote”. There are barely any pictures.