Karolina Kowalkiewicz is not ok

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Jesus X

licking a toad with uncle mike
Sep 7, 2015
fine. you proved shes got two eyes

but her computers keyboard had a major stroke or three. damn. cocaine is one hell of a drug
in the polish pre school system they just lauch those magnetic letters at the board in the air and the random words that land are taught to the kids.


Jun 2, 2016

No words will express my gratitude to @centrum_medyczne_mml but thank you with all my heart ❤😊 you have restored me not only health but also hope ❤🔥😎💪

On February 22, I suffered a serious injury, I was very afraid for my health and my future. The next day, when I was released from the hospital in New Zealand, I called Dr. Michał Michalik and I immediately knew it would be fine.
When I returned to Poland straight from the airport, I went to @centrum_medyczne_mml where a team of specialists headed by Dr. Michalik was waiting for me. A week later I had a successful operation for several hours and then it was only better and better 😊👌❤

I am almost 4 months after surgery and I have no trace of such a serious injury. I need a moment to recover fully, but I really feel great and soon I will forget about all the bad things that happened to me.

Thank you again ❤ you are the best 💪❤"


Stewart Era Liberal
Jul 22, 2015
What do they teach you in a country exporting wood, oil and gas?
Oh, and maple syrup ofc.
You kind of answered your own question. Well, in addition to instructions on how to beat back power crazed Germans of course.