Let's create a TMMAC World Jiu Jitsu Rankings

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I would like to create a rankings list of the top gi and no gi competitors in the world based on more than the IBJJF rankings (although I will consider them in the rankings).... Not many websites have a BJJ ranking (other than the IBJJF and FloGrappling.... Which I won't pay $12.50 a month to look at)... So between all of us here, let's create one.


Must be active competitors (no legacy athletes, and have competed in the calendar year. Fighters who fought this year but said they've retired after are still eligible)

Tournament Jiu Jitsu only (not considering MMA fights... Although there are at athletes that do both)

Let's nominate a top ten per the top 6 major men's classes, a p4p, and the major women's classes. We can update it two to three times annually (after the majors), and whenever anyone Googles rankings, our ranking system will come up as one of the top hits.

You guys in?