man with jiu-jitsu black belt pins alleged thief who punched 7-Eleven worker

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Live Free or Die
Dec 12, 2018
"Once I saw him actually connect and hit the employee in his head, I jumped in, grabbed him like I do in training here, put him down, flattened him like a pancake and then I tied him up like a pretzel in a position called ‘Gift Wrap’ or ‘Twisting Arm Control,’" Redzovic told the station.

Redzovic recorded parts of the incident on Facebook Live. Footage shows him pinning down the suspect for 18 minutes until police arrived and made the arrest, according to the station.


Jesus X

Elon Musk the richest African American
Sep 7, 2015
Those chicago cops are slow as hell lol at 18 mins. This is good advertising for his school.


Oct 20, 2022
This is truly amazing for this situation mostly people learn BJJ so that they know how to deal with them. I don’t know if it's a public stunt or it's true but it's good to see the news like that.