VID McGregor says he made $50m for Khabib fight; est $80m for Cerrone

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Jan 15, 2015
yeah no way isw conor vs cowboy going to be anywhere as near as big as conor vs khabib was with all that hype and build up over the past year or so and the dolly incident being used by the ufc as a highlight reel. this fight coming up only started getting any real promotion in the last 2 weeks. they are treating this like just another big ppv card unlike the media circus that always came with conor vs khabib ,nate,aldo,floyd etc. im sure he will make fat stacks but no way is he going to make more than when he got smeshed by khabib


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Jan 26, 2016
Some of his fans on instagram are insistent he's really making that money, gullible fuckwits the lot of em.