Lifestyle Me vs anyone on TMMAC (round 2)

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How long did it take you to spot the mountain lion?

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Rambo John J

Saper Aude
First 100
Jan 17, 2015
I'm the mountain lion.

If you say, "What mountain lion?" then you're already dead.

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That is about right
Fuckers have ultimate stealth

Worked a job in a remote valley and I kept finding a female cougar and her 2 cubs tracks on the hills above my work area.
I would check the hills in the morning and find zero fresh tracks.
Then work all day crouched down in the valley doing shit.
Then check the hills above(wet soil) and find that the cats had been checking me out during the day.
Never saw them once and I worked that job for 16 months straight...I started packing a pistola tho.
Pretty sure the cougar urinated on my high pressure water pump once...sticky and stinky substance all over my pump.

I have seen 3 total and two were lucky sightings crossing a road, other one was staring at me and my folks from a rock outcropping.
It didn't care for stealth and I think it wanted to eat the neighbors dogs.