Megan Anderson and the featherweight torch

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    Fighters are responsible for a lot more things than perhaps meets the eye. On the surface level, they’re responsible for providing for themselves as anyone is in their profession. Others may argue that they’re also responsible for the entertainment of their audiences as performers and public figures. But it can go much deeper than that whether it be from representing one’s family, country, or gym.

    When you’re fighting, you’re fighting for a purpose. A select few may have spotlights magnified upon them from the starts of their careers whereas others really have to grind and work their ways into it. Everything is situational and for Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia’s finest in Megan Anderson, it’s almost like a never-ending battle in and outside of the cage.

    Having begun her career somewhat later than most in the modern era of MMA in November 2013 at age 23, she did so instantly in a unique position as a 145-pound featherweight competitor.

    Since August 15, 2009, the weight class has been essentially viewed as ‘Cris Cyborg and everybody else’ due to the Brazilian’s incredible dominance throughout her career. Only recently has she fallen from her perch thus giving the division a new chance to breathe and develop as it’s slowly been doing over her reign.

    As Anderson was coming up, she had all the makings to be the next, or perhaps the first, big threat to Cyborg.

    With that ever magnetic spotlight firmly fixated on the big fish in a small pond, Anderson was able to find herself noticed quickly and has really risen to fame over her still young and expanding six-year career. She’s become as versatile outside of the Octagon as she is inside of it, growing up as a person and a martial artist.

    “I guess,” Anderson told in regards to it being not surprising how fast she’s grown as a figure in the sport. “But a lot of people don’t do that, so I can see kind of like the ‘why’ it could be surprising with me cause a lot of fighters don’t really do a lot of extra stuff outside of fighting.

    “A lot of people watch my life. That’s that. A lot of people are critical of what I do. So there is that too. But, for the most part, I try not to notice it.”

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    tl,dr version?
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    Basically "Haters gunna hate" over and over again. A lot of stuff like:

    "I just think people just want to hate on me for whatever reason. I get an unnecessarily large amount of hate from a lot of people and you know, that’s fine, but these are coming from people who will never and have never stepped foot in a cage before. This is from people who aren’t educated and who have no idea what they’re talking about."
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    Oh look its "Personal Reasons" Megan...

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    hm, maybe she really is that 'Negan' character over from the Taco Bell? She has another name now.. basically goes on there and starts passive-aggressive threads about Megan and irritates everyone. If that's the approach Megan or her team takes with fans in general, of course she'll have a lot of 'hate' from people. It seems like she'd be a natural fan favorite with the right approach.
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