Mike Perry bleeding out

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Lars R. Biden

Restoring American Greatness
Oct 17, 2015
Sad to see, he was very humble and easy to talk with when I met him years ago. He probably won't see that he got lucky here. He obviously was drunk enough to not think about having to get his leg back down when kicking glass at doorknob height. Lucky it didn't get his Achilles, which is a motherfucker to come back from. I wanna see the security footage, that had to have been a hell of a kick to bust through both layers of commercial code glass and have it shatter rather than bend and spider like a windshield. Hate to see fighters really appreciate their opportunity after it has already passed.
I bet he’s a great guy to hang out with until he gets one drink too deep... kinda like Bones Nose @Bones Nose


First 100
Jan 14, 2015
This dude should get his ass in rehab, and he should be talking to some shrinks to get his mind right.