Miletich fired by LFA for attending capitol protest

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Formerly 'CornPop'
Jul 22, 2015
For your sake, Corn Pop, I hope they all suck your cock! ;) You deserve it for protecting the "ok" sign! Shit, we all deserve it!

That's a pretty good power move to make a white supremist suck your cock. Although when I say it like that, it sounds a lot like something that happens in prisons hah
Is what it is?


fuck off. i got work to do
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
Fuck that. It's not like they're being punished for attending a rally. They forced their way into the capital, waving a confederate flag inside a building where it should never be seen. They waved 'blue lives matter' flags while assaulting and killing at least one officer. I don't feel a bit sorry for any of them.


Active Member
Apr 9, 2020
Has Pat had a history of white supremacist behavior?
If so I haven't heard of any of it.

I have no problem with him supporting a political party.

Unless he has committed a crime then I think it is best to not label him as sympathetic or involved in white supremacy.
Supporting a political party? 99% of the domestic terrorists were wearing Trump logos. with no reference to being a Republican. He's not a political party.